As a pianist who champions the works of lesser-known composers, I have discovered several composers over the years whose works are not only of high quality both pianistically and compositionally, but that cause audiences to respond with gratification and surprise. Two such composers, Alkan and Medtner, have enjoyed the patronage of first-rate pianists, and good representation in recordings (though there is room for many more). Sergei Liapunov (also spelled Lyapunov), however, has not had as much attention devoted to his music as he deserves, in spite of a few fine recordings. This web page seeks to pique interest in Liapunov and his music, as well as provide a place for persons who may have further information about him to respond and contribute to the exposure of his works.

(By the way, if you have tried to do a web search on the word "Liapunov" or "Lyapunov", you have no doubt come up with quite a few hits on A.M. Liapunov, or the Liapunov Theorem. A.M. Liapunov was a famous mathematician, and the brother of our composer, S.M. Liapunov.)

By following the links above you will find a biographical summary, a list of works (including some personal observations about them by myself and others who might care to contribute reviews), a list of recordings of Liapunov's music, a collection of photos and drawings, and a query page, in which I pose various questions and invite persons who have more information and resources about Liapunov to contribute to this page.