The Primal Shrug isn't like other self-help books. It's not a gentle approach, something that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. For that I suggest a huge teddy bear, or freshly laundered flannel pajamas.

The Primal Shrug is like a transmission with many speeds, some for overcoming the force of gravity, some for holding back rash behavior.

...give up this idea of the "dysfunctional" family that we're being bombarded with nowadays. It isn't useful to regard your family as dysfunctional—maybe it's just made up of disgusting or idiotic people.

Do you reject the idea of applying a dollop of absurdity and irreverence to your venerable problems? Then stop reading—this book will do you no good—and lie down right away: you'll need to save up your energy for a hard life ahead.

The Primal Shrug isn't as hard to learn as Sanskrit, for instance.

Have you ever had times when you felt that sex was much too personal and special a thing to be shared with anyone?

The Primal Shrug is a flaming torch of personal regeneration...

We are the artisans who fashion the lens through which we view the world.

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